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Bathroom Plumbing

Plumbing Heroes are bathroom experts. We know the smallest room in the house is the most important, a centre for all your incoming and outgoing water functions. So call us any day, any time, to schedule bathroom plumbing services.


A clean and properly running toilet is a good toilet, and when anything goes awry, it becomes a useless toilet. It may become blocked so deeply that a normal plunger cannot unclog it. Your cistern might not fill with water or fill very slowly, or water won’t stop running through it. Most of the time, these problems can be addressed with a quick plumbing repair. Other times, you may need to install a brand-new toilet. Call Plumbing Heroes when you experience any toilet malfunction, and our expert plumbers will help make your favourite fixture good again.

Showers and Sinks

Showers and sinks can give you three types of problems. First is a leaky shower head or tap. This could be caused by worn-out washers, rusted metal or a cartridge in need of replacement. Secondly, water can leak out of your shower or sink into the surrounding walls because of cracks in surfaces, leaky taps and pipes, or worn-out caulking. Finally, the drains can become blocked, making water drain slowly or not at all. The bathroom plumbing experts at Plumbing Heroes can detect the source of your fixture’s troubles and can repair, seal or unblock them, whatever the cause.


When it’s time to renovate your bathroom, you need to make certain all incoming and outgoing water systems run properly, so give Plumbing Heroes a call to assist you with piping. We can ensure your new shower and sink start off without leaks or drips and they drain quickly and completely. We can even help you connect your sink’s vanity top, and we get your toilet running quickly, quietly and reliably. Plumbing Heroes are here to make that happen.

No matter hold old your bathroom is, you need its water and fixtures running safely and consistently. For service on existing bathroom plumbing or installation of something new, contact Plumbing Heroes to book an appointment with our fully licenced plumbers 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout Sydney.

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