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Check Pipes From the Inside

With our high-tech CCTV drain inspection, we can thoroughly examine the condition of both large and small pipes by sending a specialized video camera through the lines using existing entrances. Our reliable, licenced plumbers will provide a complete examination and make sure you understand the situation before proceeding.

Why a CCTV Drain Inspection?

You may want to get a CCTV drain inspection on property in Sydney for any of these reasons:

  • Mapping pipes before adding on to an existing home
  • Checking out a house you’re considering for purchase
  • Locating a drainage problem such as a blockage
  • Preparing a report for an insurance claim

By using the latest camera technology, we can see all the way down the line to find out if there are any issues and determine precisely what and where the problem is. After the drain inspection, you’ll be able to see clear video images detailing the state of your plumbing, all without digging. If we discover an issue, we’ll discuss options and give you an estimate to help you plan the next move.

What Are the Possible Benefits?

  • • Knowing the exact nature and location of a problem may help save time and money on the repair. In the case of a home addition, you may be able to alter your plans to avoid the problem.
  • Minor issues such as tree roots may be discovered before they escalate to something very expensive.
  • Defects in a potential investment property may be revealed, so you don’t spend your money unnecessarily on someone else’s existing problem.
  • Video evidence may help an insurance company to make a more accurate assessment on your claim.

Our Repair Services

Our licenced and experienced plumbers are ready to assist with repairs for any issues discovered during the CCTV drain inspection. Often, they’ll be able to suggest ways to prevent problems in future, and you can rest assured they will always treat your property with respect and avoid causing a mess.

Give us a call, and we’ll send our trained, professional tradespeople to check out your property. Our punctual employees are always uniformed and carry identification for your peace of mind.

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