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Damaged gutters may go unnoticed, especially in great weather, but they can quickly become a nuisance, necessitating roof and gutter repairs. Gutters can be damaged by a number of things, including rust, tree limbs or a DIY project gone wrong.

Gutters syphon rainwater away from your home’s foundations, so a damaged gutter could cause water to pool around the base. Over time, this can wear away at the footings, producing cracks and potentially destroying the foundations. This causes otherwise simple roof and gutter repairs to become vastly more expensive.

Damaged gutters can also cause landscaping problems. Flowerbeds and shrubbery that surround a home can be flooded. This overwatering could harm or kill plants, particularly those suited to an arid environment.

DIY gutter repairs can cause further damage. They can put additional holes in the gutters, causing improper draining. Contact a professional service to permanently fix the problem.

We provide gutter repair to the Sydney area. Our Plumbing Heroes have the latest technology and tools to diagnose the problem and simplify roof and gutter repairs. Our repair technicians are fully licenced and have years of experience, and our work exceeds Australian standards. We provide quick, efficient service and give you tips on how to maintain your gutters to prevent future issues.

Common Gutter Repairs

Patching Holes

Holes can be formed from rust, a tree branch or drilling to try to drain the gutter. We patch holes to stop leaks and ensure proper drainage. We use the same material as the gutter to prevent electrolytic corrosion, an eroding of one metal over another.

Replacing Leaky Joints

Joints wear out over time, and this can cause dripping. Eventually, the components pull free, and the leaks worsen. We replace the components to eliminate the leaks, extending the life of your gutters.

Replacing Gutters

Sometimes, the damage is too severe to patch. We replace the gutter with a new one that’s properly installed to ensure it lasts a long time.

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